Young Bride – Chapter 7

Young Bride 👰
Written by Authoress Florrie
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Chapter 7(Why are you here?)

Leo waited patiently his car waiting for Khole. He’d been waiting outside for almost ten minutes now. Suddenly, he heard footsteps approaching him, he turned around and realize it was Khole finally. Leo smiled warmly at her.”Hey.”he greeted, giving her a friendly wave.
Khole grinned widely at him and gave him a small nod in greeting.
“What took you so long?”He asked playfully, shoving his hands into his pockets and grinning cheekily.
Khole shot him a glare and crossed her arms.”Uhm..sorry, i was getting dressed.” She explained sheepishly. She was wearing a short pink gown which hugged her curves perfectly.The dress reached down to mid thigh where it stopped and then fell to a hem.The neckline dipped low showing a little cleavage.She wore black heels, adding some height to her petite stature.
Leo couldn’t take his eyes off of her for several seconds. He felt his breath hitch in his throat as he tried to find a way to compliment her.His eyes met hers and he found himself lost in them instantly. He realized his stare was too intense for Khole’s comfort and quickly tore his eyes away, feeling embarrassed.
“You look cute, I gotta admit.”Leo admitted, watching Khole closely for any sign of discomfort.
Khole raised an eyebrow and chuckled lightly. “Thanks.”She responded with a small shrug. She suddenly became shy.
“Let’s go.”Leo said as he opened the passenger side door for Khole.
She nodded and got inside. Leo closed the door and started the engine.
“Where are we going?”Khole asked curiously, looking out the window.”
Somewhere special.” Leo said mysteriously.
Khole raised a brow in confusion and leaned forward. “Where exactly?”She questioned.
Leo looked at her, a grin spreading across his face. “Why? Are you scared?”He teased.
Khole scowled playfully at him.”Of course not, I’m just curious.” She replied.
Leo chuckled.”Relax, I’m kidding.” He replied reassuringly,”It’s a surprise.”
Khole rolled her eyes but nodded nonetheless. They both remained quiet as Leo drove towards his destination. After a few minutes, Leo pulled over to a parking space.He killed the engine and exited the vehicle, opening Khole’s door and helping her out. They both stood outside the car in silence for a few moments.”Ready?”He asked, smiling at Khole.
She smiled brightly at him and nodded enthusiastically. Leo nodded as well.”Let’s go then.” They started walking towards the restaurant.They entered the doors and were immediately greeted by a waitress who directed them to their table.”Hello, welcome to Sweet Affairs . I’m Ava and I will be taking care of you today.”She said brightly. She pointed to the tables at each side of the restaurant.”Would you like to sit anywhere you like” Ava asked politely.
Leo glanced over at Khole, who shrugged slightly.”We will sit over there please.” Khole answered, pointing to the far end of the restaurant. Ava nodded and led them to the two seats at the table.
Leo picked up one of the menus and scanned through it. Khole did the same and flipped through the pages as well, finding herself staring at different types of food, wondering what the menu actually entailed. She couldn’t help but notice that the prices for certain dishes seemed rather high compared to the other restaurants she had eaten at. She didn’t understand how anyone could afford such expensive meals.
She was snapped out of her thoughts when Leo put his menu down in front of her.”Order whatever you want khloe.” Leo said softly.
Khole stared at him blankly for a moment and then glanced down at the menu, hesitating momentarily. She didn’t understand how anyone could eat so much expensive food. But after hearing Leo’s offer, she decided to choose the cheapest option on the menu.”Can I have…Chicken and rice?” She asked slowly.Leo chuckled and shook his head.”Don’t worry about the price khloe, its on me.”He responded kindly.Khole bit her lip.”I think I’ll just have the chicken and rice…” she muttered awkwardly.
Leo smiled.”Okay.” He replied gently.
The waitress scribe down their orders and left.
After a few minutes, the waitress returned with their orders. She left them in peace with their food. The two ate in silence, occasionally glancing at eachother with small smiles.
They enjoyed their meal peacefully.Khole glanced over at Leo every once in awhile, admiring his features as he ate. She was reminded of the first time she’d seen him. It still amazed her to no end how incredibly beautiful he really was. He was absolutely stunning. He was tall, muscular, with soft dark brown skin. His eyes were so beautiful, bright and piercing. She hadn’t thought she would ever come across someone so gorgeous, it was like he had walked straight out of one of those cheesy romance novels .Khole couldn’t stop herself from staring at Leo.
Leo caught her staring and grinned at her teasingly.”Is there something on my face?”He asked amusedly.
Khole shook her head vigorously and turned her attention back towards her food. She felt a blush creeping up on her cheeks and tried to hide it with a sip of water. “How many dates have you gone on recently?” She asked teasingly.
Leo froze for a second before chuckling lightly,”None, why do you ask?”He asked, raising an eyebrow suspiciously.
Khole smirked.”Oh nothing, just wondering.”she said innocently.
Leo let out a sigh of relief and resumed eating, deciding not to pursue the subject any further.
Khole continued to eat her chicken and rice while trying not to focus on Leo or anything else around her.
Suddenly a voice came from behind them. Both of them stopped eating and turned around,seeing a familiar figure walking towards them.
Khole frowned slightly upon seeing Alex. Her frown deepened when she noticed Alex looking at her with a smirk.
Alex approached the two of them and looked between the two of them questioningly.”Who is this?”Alex asked curiously.
Khole raised an eyebrow at Alex and glared. She looked at him expectantly.
Alex raised his eyebrows questioning her silently.”Why are you here?”
Leo was amazed to see the mighty CEO of Spinfluence standing right in front of him. He had never expected to see him here. He wondered if Khole knew who this man was . He had to keep his calm composure, he couldn’t show any signs that he recognized him.
Alex looked between Khole and Leo with curiosity filling his eyes. He was beginning to grow impatient,why weren’t they answering him yet? He cleared his throat and tried again.”Khole are you deaf? Who is he?”Alex demanded.
Leo’s expression darkened, he wanted to punch Alex. Khole on the other hand looked slightly disappointed and slightly annoyed at Alex’s behavior.