Young Bride – Chapter 6

Young Bride 👰
Written by Authoress Florrie
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Chapter 6(No buts!)
Khole awoke bright and early. She got up quickly from her bed and headed downstairs for breakfast. When she arrived downstairs,she noticed that everybody else had already gathered at the kitchen. She took a seat beside Matthew and smiled at her parents.
“Good Morning.” She greeted everyone in her usual cheerful tone.
“Good Morning Klole!” They all responded cheerfully. “How did you sleep?” Her dad asked kindly,giving her a warm smile.
Khole shrugged her shoulder dismissively. “Fine. How did you sleep?”She questioned, returning his smile.
“Wonderful, just wonderful.”He answered proudly before turning to his wife who smiled brightly at him, obviously pleased with how well they slept. Khole couldn’t help but giggle lightly at the sight. It was truly adorable how happy they were together. She wished she had someone like that, someone that loved her, someone that cared about her. Someone who makes her happy. Someone who loves her.
Khole swallowed hard at the thought of such a person and tried to push it aside. It would do her no good to start daydreaming about such a person. She shouldn’t think such nonsense. Khole shook her head and returned her attention back to her plate of breakfast. She ate her breakfast slowly, letting the familiar taste and texture wash over her tongue. As usual, her parents chatted animatedly with each other as she listened to them. She occasionally glanced over at her mother when she was talking, admiring how beautiful she looked. Her face was glowing and sparkle from happiness. She always looked happy.
Suddenly, Matthew phone rang,making them all stop talking. Matthew excused himself and got up to answer the phone. Once he had finished answering the phone, he rejoined the table.”I’ve got to go.” He said.
Everyone exchanged looks of confusion. “What for?”They inquired curiously.
Matthew stood up and grabbed his jacket that he left on the back of his chair .”Something came up, I’ll explain later.”He explained shortly.
Khole looked puzzled and worried, but stayed quiet.
Mrs Smith, however, had an extremely concerned and curious expression plastered on her face. “Everything okay, honey?” She asked worriedly.
“Yeah everything’s fine.”He assured, flashing her a reassuring smile.
She seemed unsatisfied with his answer and gave him one last glance before asking”Are you sure?”
“Positive.”He assured with another dazzling smile. Khole rolled her eyes and turned back to her breakfast, completely ignoring Matthew’s words. Matthew left the house after he told them goodbye and shut the front door behind him.
Mr.Smith cleared his throat to catch everybody’s attention. “Well, I guess it’s time for me to go to work, so I’ll see you guys later.” He said, standing up from his seat.
“Okay, see you later.”They replied. He nodded and walked out of the dining room and out of the door.
“Khloe.” She heard her mother call out, causing her to turn to face her. She looked at her mom, waiting impatiently for her to continue.
Her mom smiled at her sadly before continuing.”I really should get going too, I still have a bunch of work to attend to.” She said guiltily and got up from her seat.
“I want to discuss something with you.” Khole said.
Mrs.Smith looked shocked and surprised at Khole’s request. “Discuss something?” She repeated, sounding skeptical.
Khole nodded, looking serious.
Mrs. Smith hesitated for a moment before sighing. “Fine, what do you want to talk about?” She asked.
Khole bit her lip hesitantly, not entirely sure how to bring the topic up without causing offense. “About Alex.”She said cautiously.
Mrs.Smith frowned at Khole’s statement. She knew immediately what Khole was referring too.”What about him?”Mrs.Smith asked sharply, folding her arms defensively and glaring at Khole accusingly.
Khole gulped nervously at the harsh look her mother was giving her. She knew that this conversation would go very differently than she expected. She inhaled deeply and exhaled loudly trying to relax.” Mom, I can’t get married to Alex, he doesn’t like me.”Khole said firmly, staring straight into her mother’s brown eyes.
Mrs.Smith furrowed her brows, feeling herself becoming more and more annoyed by the second. “So?”She retorted sarcastically.
Khole opened her mouth to say something, but closed it again, frowning.
“Just because he doesn’t seem to like you, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.”Her mother interjected.
“I don’t know if you’re getting my point here mom…” Khole replied quietly.
Mrs.Smith sighed heavily and ran a hand through her hair before speaking again.”Look khloe, just because he doesn’t like you, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. You’re just too young to understand these things yet, alright?
Khole frowned and shook her head disapprovingly.”That isn’t true.” She argued,”I’m old enough to understand that Alex can’t ever possibly love me .”
Mrs. Smith looked at her in shock.”What did you say?” She asked sternly.
Khole averted her gaze uncomfortably.”I just said that Alex can’t ever love me.” She repeated herself more forcefully.
Mrs.Smith narrowed her eyes angrily and glared at her angrily.”You don’t know anything about Alex, little girl. So don’t say that he cannot never love you or that he will never love you. Just because Alex doesn’t love you now, doesn’t mean he won’t someday. Don’t make assumptions based on a few days of knowing him. You’re just too young to understand these matters.” Mrs.Smith said angrily. Khole frowned.”But-“She began, only to be cut off once again.
“No buts! You listen here, you are too young to understand these matters. Alex is the most important person in your life right now, he’s the only man that’s good for you . You need to be with him. Do you hear me?”Her mother exclaimed.
Khole clenched her fists tightly, shaking slightly. She nodded furiously.
Her mother nodded in satisfaction.
Khole was about to say something, but decided against it, choosing instead to stay silent. She didn’t feel like arguing anymore.
“Alright, I’m heading to work.” Mrs.Smith announced. Khole nodded again.”Bye Mom.” She mumbled reluctantly .
Mrs.Smith smiled softly at her daughter and gave her a brief hug.”Goodbye sweetheart.” She said before kissing Khole on the forehead.
Khole stood there for a long minute, looking at her mother’s back as she left. After she was sure her mother had left, she slumped onto the couch and buried her face in her hands with a loud groan. She didn’t know why her parents was so determined to make her marry Alex. She had already told them multiple times that she didn’t intend to marry Alex. She didn’t know why they kept insisting on forcing her to. She wasn’t even sure how much longer she could keep protesting. She was tired of having to try to make her parents understand why it was impossible for her to get married. She was growing weary of having to keep repeating herself and tell them the same thing over and over again.