Young Bride – Chapter 5

Young Bride 👰
Written by Authoress Empress
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Chapter 5(Encounter with a stranger)

“I can’t take the insult anymore !” Khole exploded as she sat next to her friend , Alora. Both girls sat on the grass in Alora’s backyard.
Alora looked at Khole with a puzzled expression written all over her face. Khole groaned and buried her head into her hands. “I can’t do this anymore, Alora!!”, Khole shrieked angrily. She removed her hands from her face and let her head fall limply against Alora’s shoulders.
Alora placed her hand comfortingly on Khole’s shoulder.”Hey calm down.” Alora reassured.
“No no no!! You don’t understand! Alex fucking hates me! He won’t even listen to me!” Khole shouted desperately. She ran her hands through her hair as she tried to calm herself down. Alora remained quiet and stared at Khole, waiting for her to explain further. Khole lifted her head and met Alora’s gaze. “He doesn’t want to get married to me but our fathers want us to!” She said agitatedly.
Alora stayed silent and listened carefully to what she had to say.
Khole heaved a sigh of relief after saying what she needed to say. She slumped forward resting her forehead against Alora’s shoulder once again.
“Look, Khole. It’ll be okay, everything will work itself out.” Alora assured her.”You just need to give him some time. Give him some space and maybe he’ll come around.” Alora suggested soothingly.
Khole lifted her head from Alora’s shoulder and looked at her quizzically. “Space? What kind of space?” Khole asked skeptically. “He doesn’t even like me. What kind of space ?” She questioned.
Alora thought for a moment and replied,”I don’t know, I guess since his parents want him to marry you. Maybe he needs some time to adjust to it.” She explained, shrugging her shoulders.
“So you think I should just give him some time?”Khole asked curiously.
“Of course, if you really want him to agree to marrying you that much.” Alora said, nodding affirmatively.
“My dad said he would disown me if I didn’t marry him. He doesn’t care about me.”Khole added dejectedly.
Alora gave her a sad look as she placed her hand gently on her arm.”That doesn’t matter. He’s still your father.” Alora replied reassuringly.
Khole sighed deeply, her heart feeling heavy as she imagined what life would be like if her family did disown her. She shook her head forcefully to clear the negative thoughts and said:”Let’s hope things go well for me..” she said weakly.
Alora smiled softly at her response. She stood up from the ground and extended a hand to Khole. Khole took Alora’s hand gratefully and pulled herself up. “I’m going to start heading home. See you tomorrow?”.
“Sure.”Alora replied.”See you tomorrow.”She added, grinning widely.
Khole nodded and waved goodbye. She started making her way home. Her thoughts drifted away to Alex. She couldn’t stop thinking about how unfair life was sometimes. Her parents were so unreasonable sometimes. How dare she be forced to marry someone whom she didn’t love? It was unfair. It really was, she couldn’t believe she had gotten into such an awkward situation. It wasn’t fair at all. She thought as she sighed sadly. She was so preoccupied with her thoughts that she almost collided with someone. She stumbled backward. The person caught her immediately. She looked up at the stranger she had run into. She instantly regretted running into him so she apologized profusely. The stranger simply brushed it off as though it wasn’t a big deal.The stranger smiled politely at her.”It’s alright.”He said.
“Oh my god, I am so sorry!! I totally lost my balance.” Khole apologized profusely, looking down apologetically.
Don’t worry, I got you.” He replied casually.
Khole looked up at him with wide eyes and blushed lightly.The man in front of her was extremely good looking. His jet black hair contrasted with his icy black eyes that gazed at her intently. She felt mesmerized by his beauty. Khole gulped nervously when he continued to stare at her.
She cleared her throat softly and said “Um…thank you.”She stuttered as she spoke, averting her gaze shyly. The guy lips curled into a smile at her shy behavior and Khole felt her entire body warm up slightly.
“Anytime.”He said, offering her a hand which she gladly accepted. “I’m Leo by the way.”He introduced himself politely, smiling widely.
She smiled brightly at him.”Khole.” She replied politely, shaking his hand.
They began to walk towards her home in comfortable silence. After several minutes Khole decided to break the quietness. “So umm…where do you live?” She asked timidly, trying to find something polite to talk about.
Leo’s lips curled up into a charming smile. “Just nearby” he replied, flashing her another dazzling smile.
Khole felt her heart flutter when she saw his smile. The way he smiled made Khole feel like she had been wrapped up in a blanket that kept her warm and happy. He seemed to radiate warmth and happiness as he looked at her, it felt weird but nice. Khole felt a smile tugging at her mouth when he looked at her and she suddenly found herself unable to tear her gaze away from his. She blinked in surprise when he chuckled softly at her sudden silence and glanced away.
She quickly snapped back to reality, her cheeks reddening slightly. She cleared her throat.”Oh right, thank you for helping me earlier.” She said awkwardly, rubbing the back of her neck sheepishly.
Leo shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.”No problem. It was no trouble at all.” He replied, smiling at her sweetly.
She smiled back at him before they fell into a silence once again. After few more minutes, Khole spotted her house coming into view. “That is my house”She informed, pointing to her residence.
Leo smiled at her and nodded. “It was lovely meeting you Khole.” Leo stated, offering her a gentle smile. Khole smiled back at him, returning the smile.”Yeah, it was nice too..”she responded shyly.
Leo leaned closer to her, closing her space between them as they both stared intensely into each other’s eyes.
“Can we hangout tomorrow? We could go somewhere and eat.” Leo said, whispering huskily.
Khole flushed at his words and nodded vigorously.”Tomorrow! Let’s meet here at six o’clock. Okay?” She whispered excitedly, staring into his eyes.
He smiled at her, nodding enthusiastically. “Alright, see you then.”he whispered back in agreement. Khole grinned happily and bid him farewell.
Leo walked away and disappeared behind the corner. Khole giggled to herself, feeling butterflies fluttering wildly in her stomach. Her heart felt like it was going to burst with excitement.
She couldn’t wait to hang out with him.Khole was in deep thoughts as she made her way inside the house.She closed the door behind her and locked it while she made her way towards her room.
As soon as Khole entered her room, she flopped onto her bed, burying her face into her pillow and released a loud sigh of contentment. She laid there for a couple of moments and thought about Leo as she lay in bed. She wondered why he smiled at her like that. She thought he may have had feelings for her, which caused her to blush furiously.She buried her head deeper into her pillow and groaned loudly.She had never been in love before, but she was sure she was starting to develop a crush on Leo. She shook her head furiously, trying to shake off those thoughts, trying not to fall for him, trying to push those thoughts out of her mind. Khole groaned again and turned over onto her back.
A few moments passed by and she heard her mom call her from downstairs.”Khole,dinner is ready.”She called out. She was surprised that her mother is back from her trip so soon. Khole sat up and stretched out her stiff limbs before hopping out of bed. She made her way downstairs slowly, glancing at her mother every now and then wondering why she came back so soon. She eventually reached the dining table, where her parents sat eating dinner with smiles plastered upon their faces.
Her mom looked up and gestured for Khole to sit across from her, indicating for her to sit down. Khole complied, sitting on the chair beside her mom. Her parents looked at her, exchanging knowing glances. Khole raised an eyebrow questioningly, wondering what this look was for.
“You didn’t informed anyone that you would come home today.” Khole stated quietly .
Her mom nodded in agreement before replying,”Yes, that’s true.” She replied honestly.
Khole narrowed her eyes suspiciously at her mom. “Why didn’t you tell me?” She asked bluntly, her voice laced with anger.
Her mom sighed and continued.”I wanted to surprise you.”She said guiltily.
Khole huffed angrily and crossed her arms, glaring daggers at her mom.
“I don’t appreciate being kept in the dark like that.”Khole muttered angrily.
Her mom remained silent and merely stared at her, seemingly uncomfortable at having her daughter angry with her. “Why are you mad at me?”Her mom asked, looking genuinely confused.
“Because you didn’t inform me that you would come home.”Khole gritted out bitterly.
Her mom frowned at her daughter, looking hurt. “Khloe…..” She said softly, reaching out to place a comforting hand upon Khole’s arm.
Khole pulled away from her mother’s touch and looked down at her lap dejectedly.
“Khole don’t be mad at your mom, please.” Her father said gently, placing a hand on top of Khole’s hair and giving her a slight smile.
Khole let out a shaky breath and gave her father a small smile. Okay.” She agreed quietly.
“Mom bought you a lot of things ” Her father announced proudly.
Khole perked up slightly and glanced at her mother curiously.”Really?” She inquired eagerly,eyeing her mother with eager eyes.
Her mother nodded with a smile.”Of course. I bought some new clothes, jewelry, makeup, and books for you.” Her mother said excitedly.
Khole felt her spirits lift considerably. She was happy that her mother bought her new stuff. She couldn’t help but beam at her mother gratefully.”Thanks mom!” She exclaimed ecstatically, wrapping her arms around her mother tightly. Her mother chuckled and hugged her tightly.”Anything for you, khloe.” Her mother murmured lovingly, stroking Khole’s hair tenderly.
Mr. Smith smiled at his wife lovingly before turning back to Khole and saying:”Now come on Khol, let’s finish our dinner, shall we?” He urged gently.
Khole nodded enthusiastically and started digging into her food.
As she ate, her parents continued to chat happily together.
After dinner, Khole helped her parents clear the dishes while they talked.Once everything was done,her parents went into the living room to watch a movie. They invited Khole to join them but she declined respectfully. Instead, she went to her room and changed into her pajamas before lying down on her bed.