Young Bride 👰
Written by Authoress Florrie
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Chapter 4(I hate you?)

It was almost noon now and the sun had risen high in the sky. It was bright and hot. Khole squinted her eyes as she stared up at the dazzling blue sky. After standing in silence for a few moments, Khole began to slowly make her way towards the bus stop near her home.
After walking for about 5 minutes or so, she arrived at the bus stop. She took a seat near the window and rested her head on the cold glass, closing her eyes tightly. Several minutes later, the bus came to a halt and Khole slowly opened her eyes to look around. She sighed contently and hopped off the bus making her way to the entrance of a big company, Khole had never actually set foot inside before, it was too intimidating for her. She entered the building and made her way towards the main reception desk where a young lady with black hair, brown eyes, and tan skin was seated behind a counter.
The lady turned her attention towards Khole and greeted her warmly, “Hello! How may I help you?”she questioned pleasantly.
Khole gave her a tight lipped smile before replying, “I am khole. I am here to see Alex Martin?”
The lady raised an eyebrow at her statement.”Alex Martin?” she questioned skeptically.
Khole nodded curtly. “Yes.”
The lady pursed her lips and turned around to call someone. She spoke into a telephone for a short while before turning back to Khole. “Please follow me.”
Khome nodded and followed her without objection.They stopped at the end of a hallway and turned right. They kept going until they reached the biggest office Khole had ever seen. It was huge and spacious.
“This is The CEO office.” The lady informed Khole cheerfully as she pushed open the large door and gestured Khole to enter. Khole stepped inside hesitantly.
Alex was standing in the middle of the office when she entered. He was holding a document in his hands which he was currently reading through intently. “You wanted to see me?” He asked absentmindedly as he continued reading.
Khole cleared her throat awkwardly as she approached him. Alex looked up briefly before continuing to read .
Khole cleared her throat loudly to get his attention.”Um, hi Alex.”, she said awkwardly.
He ignored her and resumed reading the document he held in his hands.
Khole furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. Why wasn’t he paying attention to her? She waited a moment before she decided to speak up again “Um, Alex…”
He finally looked up again, giving her a questioning glance.
“Uh…” Khole trailed off nervously before she regained her confidence.”Umm. Do you have a minute?” She inquired anxiously.
Alex furrowed his eyebrows “Why should I have a spare minute?”He asked, irritated.
“Because I have something important to tell you”. Khole answered. She was starting to get frustrated with his attitude.
“And what might that be?” Alex responded, raising his eyebrows.
Khole bit her lip lightly before replying. “About our arranged marriage.” She answered hesitantly.
Alex frowned confusedly. He studied her for a second before responding. “What about it?”
Khole sighed exasperatedly and took a deep breath. She couldn’t believe she was even doing this.” We both do not want this marriage but our parents want it.” she said, trying to keep her voice steadier than usual.
“What’s your point?”Alex asked flatly. His voice sounded somewhat harsh.
Khole couldn’t help but feel slightly hurt by his words.
“My point is we’re supposed to marry each other.” She answered in a monotone voice.
Alex glanced back down at the documents in his hands before glancing back up at Khole. “Okay then. Are you done?”He said nonchalantly.
Khole narrowed her eyes at him. “Are you seriously asking me whether I’m done with my speech?” She said with irritation laced in her voice.
“Are you done? If not then go ahead and continue talking.”Alex responded, his gaze remaining locked with hers.
“Fine!” She spat angrily, throwing her hands in the air in defeat. She crossed her arm across her chest and glared daggers at him. “I hate you!” She muttered.
Alex raised a brow at her. “Did I hear you correctly?”, he asked,cocking his head to the side curiously.
“Yeah! You heard me perfectly clear!” Khole shouted at him angrily.
Alex raised his head and grinned, chuckling a bit. “I can’t say that I don’t know why.” He said, smirking slightly.
“Well whatever! Just go and marry someone else because we are clearly incompatible.” Khole exclaimed angrily.
Alex laughed at her outburst, “Alright then. Do you want to leave now, or do you want to stay here all day?” He inquired calmly.
Khole gritted her teeth together, glaring at him. She wanted nothing more than to rip his face off at this very moment. However, she knew she shouldn’t do that. Her father wanted them to get married. She sighed defeatedly as she turned around, walking towards the exit of the office. Alex watched her with an amused expression etched on his face. He chuckled quietly to himself. He was amused to see how annoyed and upset she was, he enjoyed seeing her so angry.