Young Bride 👰
Written by Authoress Florrie
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Chapter 3(Must I marry Alex)
Khole stumbled a little bit, feeling dizzy. Her body was weak from lack of sleep. She hadn’t slept since she arrived from the mansion yesterday evening. Her legs felt almost numb and her whole body felt cold and weak. She needed some coffee or something strong to help her recover. She made her downstairs and walked over to the stairs leading to the kitchen, stopping at the top of the staircase and closing her eyes for a brief moment. She took deep breaths, calming herself down. Once she finally calmed herself, she opened her eyes and walked over to the kitchen counter.
She poured a glass of water, taking a sip before swallowing all of it quickly.The cool water soothed her dry throat as she leaned against the counter, breathing heavily.
She placed the empty glass down in the sink and rested both of her hands on her hips, leaning forward a little. Her vision was blurry and she could barely keep her eyes open. She rubbed her hands across her tired eyes. Suddenly, she sensed a presence behind her and jumped slightly, spinning around.She blinked rapidly and saw the familiar figure of her Elder brother standing there, observing her curiously.
“Hey bro”,she greeted, a wide grin on her face.
Matthew simply returned her smile. “How are you doing? Are you alright?” he questioned, concern evident in his voice.
She nodded slowly. “Yeah.. Yeah I’m fine. I just haven’t been able to fall asleep last night.”She admitted.
Matthew frowned slightly before stepping closer. “Why not?”he asked curiously. Khole bit her lip and looked down for a few minutes, trying to figure out what to tell him.
Matthew noticed the hesitation in her expression and knew she couldn’t tell him everything. “Is there anything bothering you? Is it something to do with Alex?”he inquired, his tone softer.
She immediately snapped out of her thoughts and looked at him,a confused look adorning her face. “No..”she trailed off. She couldn’t believe that he already knew about Alex.
Matthew raised a skeptical eyebrow. “Are you sure?” he pressed gently.
“Yes. Of course”.
Matthew let out a sigh in relief. “Good. Khole you shouldn’t force yourself to marry someone you don’t want to. You are still very young and have lots to learn about love and commitment. That will take time. ”
Khole gave him a soft nod.
“Now why don’t you go and find something for breakfast ? It will make you feel better”.
Khole grinned at him before rushing away and disappearing into the kitchen once more.
Matthew chuckled lightly to himself.
He knew about the arranged marriage between his father and Mr Martin.
He wasn’t happy about it. In fact, he wouldn’t wish this type of marriage on his worst enemy.
The whole thing is a terrible idea. He would never approve of it. But his father seemed adamant about it. The old man had always been obsessed with marrying Khole off to Alex. Matthew never understood why. Khole was very intelligent and charming. He also loved her dearly. And yet she was stuck in a arranged marriage.
His thoughts went dark for a short second before he shook his head.There was nothing he could do. His father was set in his ways. No matter how hard he tried to change his opinion and convince him otherwise, his father would remain stubborn. And Matthew didn’t want to argue with him. It wouldn’t do any good. His father was stubborn and would never change his mind.
Matthew shook his head once again, clearing those thoughts away. There was no use in worrying about things that he couldn’t change. All he could do was support and care for Khole the best way he knew how.
Khole emerged from the kitchen after 20 minutes, carrying two plates.
Matthew’s stomach rumbled. He hadn’t realized how hungry he was. He sat down across from Khole.
After Khole had taken the first bite from her plate, she glanced at her brother curiously. “What’s wrong?”
Matthew looked up at Khole, surprised by her question.
“Nothing is wrong.”He assured, smiling slightly.
Khole shrugged slightly. She ate her food slowly, taking careful bites, making sure she didn’t make a mess and ruin her appetite. She swallowed the last bit of her food and glanced over at Matthew. She could tell something was bothering him even when he tried to hide it.
“Did something happen?”she asked quietly.
Matthew paused for a moment before answering, “Nope.” A slight hint of a smile played at the corner of his lips. “Just thinking about things.”
Khole raised an eyebrow skeptically. “What kind of things?”, she probed.
Matthew hesitated for a moment before speaking up. ” Don’t worry baby girl. “he said reassuringly.
Khole gazed at him doubtfully before letting out a small huff “If you say so.” She said, putting the rest of her fork down.
Matthew let out a small chuckle. She’s such a child sometimes, he thought fondly, placing his hand on her shoulder affectionately. “Don’t worry”, he repeated.
Khole rolled her eyes and sighed heavily, pushing her plate away from her.
Matthew raised an inquisitive eyebrow. “You don’t want any more?” He asked hesitantly.
Khole shook her head and reached for her glass of water. She finished it in one gulp and placed the cup down on the table. She then turned back to her brother, smiling brightly. “So where’s dad?”, she asked, changing the subject.
Matthew looked a bit annoyed but replied anyway “Out in the garden.” he said in reply.
Khole nodded and stood up from her seat, grabbing her plate and glass and walking over to the kitchen sink.Once she had cleaned her dishes, she made her way outside towards the back yard.
It took her quite awhile to find her father. She eventually spotted him sitting in a chair, surrounded by flowers. He seemed to be staring at them intensely, seemingly lost in deep thought.
“Dad”she called out quietly, approaching him.
Her father quickly turned to face her, smiling widely as soon as he saw her.
“Khole” he said happily.
She smiled softly at him. “Can we talk?”.
Her father nodded slowly, motioning for her to sit down next to him. She obliged, taking a seat beside her father. She remained silent as she stared down at her feet. She was anxious to ask her father some questions, mainly about the marriage.
“So what did you need to talk about dear?”,her father asked kindly.
Khole shifted nervously in her seat. She took a few deep breathes before looking directly at her father. “Must I really marry Alex? ” she asked carefully, keeping her tone neutral.
Her father stared back at her blankly for a moment, clearly taken aback by her question. He furrowed his brows slightly. “Well..yes .”he stated hesitantly, watching her expectantly.
Khole exhaled deeply before nodding. She stood up and began to walk over to the house. She entered the house and closed the door behind her. She made her way upstairs and made her way into her bedroom, locking the door behind her. She threw herself onto her bed, resting her arms behind her head. She groaned loudly, frustratedly. She hated the fact that she had to marry someone she didn’t want to and Alex hated her. She knew that they were going to be miserable together and she wished she could just cut the marriage and run away but unfortunately, fate would not allow her that.
She laid there on her bed for a while, staring at the ceiling. She felt exhausted, emotionally drained and physically exhausted at the same time. She let out a heavy sigh and got up from her bed, making her way towards her closet. Khole opened the doors and began rummaging through the clothes inside, searching for something comfortable to wear. After several minutes, she pulled out an oversized t shirt and shorts. She changed into the clothes and grabbed a pair of socks and sneakers. When she finally finished getting ready, she left and walked downstairs before heading outside the house.