The Ruthless👹 Alpha King😺, Rogue Mate👩.
Written✒ By : Favour Alabuah👸
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😍Genre: Hatred😯 Romance💏 Love❤Betrayal😔Revenge😈and death💀
Arabella Richmond is the only child of Alpha Blake and Luna Nerita of the Crimson Pack. Her parents and pack members were killed, by the winter pack on her 19th birthday, which made her to become a Rogue. The winter pack cross her pack border, and came into their pack, when they were not aware and prepared. Fortunately for her, her parents helped her to escape. But couldn’t escape with her, because they are the pack leaders. She heard from a group of rogues that her parents are dead.And she went back to confirm it. There were foul stench of blood, and corpses every where. The pack house where destroyed and burnt down. She saw her parents corpses near the remains of the pack hospital. Laying beside them are their beta, Gamma and Delta. She wept bitterly, and swore to revenge her parents and pack members death.
Daniel Red is a 24 years old Ruthless & cruel Werewolf Alpha King, of the Royal Blood Pack. The people that he hates with passion are Rogues. He destest them with passion, because they killed his 4 years old baby sister, when he was 10 years old. His cousin Tony wants the throne, even the rogue Alpha is interested in his throne and mate. To complicate the matter, female Alpha Mirabell become obsessed with him and is ready to kill his mate. His most trusted friend will betrayed him. One of Arabella secret is that she is a special white wolf and a healer.
Will he accept his mate?
And will Tony and the rogue Alpha get the throne?
Follow me in this interesting story, to know what happened.