How To Split, Trim, & Cut Videos On InShot and Features

How To Split, Trim, & Cut Videos On InShot, during the inshot videos application editing software we found out that our video is too long and we will like to split, Trim or cut the video to the duration what we want.

What is InShot?

InShot is one of the editing software application that is used in beautifying a video you made. It allows there users to create a very high quality videos and share it to their social media.


NOTE: InShot application features give you access to there app free and no annoying advertisement is displayed in users experience.

InShot application gives its users the following features below.

  1. Importing photos or images
  2. Video trimming
  3. Merging video clips
  4. Applying various filter effects
  5. Video splitting
  6. Adding music or sound effects
  7. Adding animations, stickers, or text to videos
  8. Adding voice-over effects

How to use InShot

If you have been looking for app to use and create an amazing video, consider using our tutorial below.

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  • Download the app.
  • Import and edit videos and images.
  • Add effect.
  • Add sound and music.
  • Add text.
  • Get personal with animations and stickers.
  • Choose a resolution.
  • Save and share.

Split, Trim, & Cut Videos On InShot

Sincerely, follow the guidelines Been provide to you about this topic and you will understand how to make use of it.

Let’s trim, split, and cut your videos for free using InShot in this quick and easy guide.

The InShot app is completely free and lets you edit your videos, combine videos, add filters, effects, etc. You can, of course, also cut the center of your video out, trim it at the beginning or end, or cut it. I walk you through the steps to do all three in this video. These steps work the same for iPhone and Android in 2023.

However,  during our analysis of our post we found out some parts that we will not want to include we our content, if we allow this part of video to include in your video it will not make it mature.

In this InShot Video editing software application, we can use it to cut some parts that is not necessary to use. There are various ways to use this InShot application to cut out many Ways InShot features.

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You can use this InShot to cut your video in many ways using Trim, split and cut features. This Three features can be use in various versions of InShot application both the Pro and free version.

Meanwhile, I will be explaining How To Split, Trim, & Cut Videos On InShot using the three features called split, cut and Trim that you can now use with your android phone.

How To Split, Trim, & Cut Videos On InShot

  1. In cutting, splitting or trimming your video in InShot you need to cut it out and delete the video you don’t want. Below is the process.
  2. Make sure you have added the video you want to cut in the inshot application work place.
  3. Slide to the right timeline till you reach the place you want to cut out.
  4. Above the timeline of your video click the split menu.
  5. You have successfully cut the pictures into two parts.
  6. If your unwanted part of the video is at the middle of the video, you still need to split the ending part of it .
  7. Now, you need to delete the unwanted part of the video by using the delete button above the timeline.
  8. You have successfully cut your unwanted part out from your video.

How To Use Trim Manu To Crop A Video In Inshot Application

You can now crop a video out From the beginning or ending part of the video without making the video split into two parts.

  1. Add the video you want to trim on InShot application.
  2. Click the trim Manu
  3. Set the beginning or ending part you want to trim out from the video.
  4. Click the good arrow to apply the Trim you did.
  5. You have successfully completed the trimming your video.
  6. Click Export to save your video to your gallery.

How To Use Cut Features In Inshot

You see cut, Trim and split are both related InShot application features that will help you remove the unwanted part of your video.

  1. Open the inshot application work place.
  2. Add the video you want to cut the unwanted part.
  3. Open the Trim Manu in your video.
  4. Go to the cut section.
  5. Careful adjust the middle of the part you want to remove from the video.
  6. Click the good arrow to apply the changes.
  7. You have successfully completed the cutting in the video.
  8. Click Export to save the video to your gallery.

How to Trim Cut and Split Edit TikTok Video with Free Inshot App

With all the amazing features TikTok users user in TikTok application, TikTok have been lacking the gap of cutting, trimming and splitting video, which will help you to remove some parts you don’t need.

Meanwhile, I recommend this InShot free Editting application called “InShot ” when it comes to large number of editing files.

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TikTok did not have the features that helps remove, cut or split video into two and that is why I recommend it to you now.

In the above tutorial, we have tell you how to cut, Trim or split a video. However, you can use the inshot application to cut you certain movie or comedy’s you want.


InShot is a very pretty app For editing pictures, video, and album of your choice, we have make sure we provide you all that can allow you access the free InShot application features above.

Keep on following blog to help you with all the amazing features of other applications.

I hope this article helped solve your problem. Is the app still not working? If so, drop your question in a comment below!

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