How To Get 4K Quality Video in Capcut, it has come to our notice, 4K Quality video have been a long talk on social media, like TikTok , Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram etc. Even by ordinary video editing app users on InShot application.

4k means 4000 thousands, so 4k quality videos is a resolution that regards to a horizontal display resolution of about 4,000 pixels.

However, has we may have it, 4k quality videos have two types of 4k video resolution called 4K UHD (3840 × 2160) and DCI 4K (4096 × 2160).

Meanwhile, taking this to some smartphone like Android and iOS phone, 4k video quality is also found in there phone which means, some phone where built with it.

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We are looking for 4k quality videos Resolution in Capcut, other Editting applications have started adding the features in there export quality settings.

Easy way to Do 4K Quality Videos on CapCut

If you really want to increase or decrease the resolution of your video, you are likely to start using the features on Capcut like filter and effect available.

This is a very long talk about this 4k resolution in Capcut, no worry I have make a good content to help you in your video 4k quality resolution.

Normally, It takes at least 8 Gigabyte of Random Access Memories to be able to get 4K Quality video CapCut resolution. If it’s lower than that, therefore you can be granted that your CapCut app will not be able to export videos with 4K Quality video resolution.

How To Make 4K Video in Capcut artwork

How To Make 4K Video in Capcut artwork

How to Get 4K Quality Option on CapCut

You have make a long way to come, just know it that not all the Capcut application users Know about this 4k quality videos Resolution in Capcut.

Nevertheless, This is because it is recommended to use a very high standard of mobile devices and it consumes a lot of Gigabyte in smartphone storage.

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Coming to CapCut, the highest is 1080p, converting your videos to make them look like 4K quality videos Resolution.

How To Make 4K Video in Capcut | 4k editing tutorial


Use the following to get your capcut 4k resolution settings.

  1. Get your video.
  2. Click on “Overlay” then “Stock Images”.
  3. Click on the black screen.
  4. Drag it so it covers everything.
  5. Go on “Adjust”.
  6. Turn the “Saturation” & “Contrast” to 20.
  7. Turn the “Sharpness” to 100.
  8. Now drag your adjustments so it covers everything.
  9. Select the stock image.
  10. Tap on splice and then filter.

I have make I video that will help you to understand more about our tutorial on How To Make 4K Video in Capcut, step by step guidelines are in the video below.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Capcut support 4k video?

Yes, Capcut recently support 4k video resolution for there users.

How do I change resolution in Capcut?

Looking at our tutors, you can found how to change resolution in you Capcut video or content.

Capcut 4k Resolution Download

No, you don’t need to download it, in Capcut application all you need is just click on resolution effect before exporting the video.


To easily work on improving your 4K Quality Video in Capcut, Android iOS users can now access the amazing resolution in CapCut. Feel free to make uses of its features to comfortably edit and improve your selected 4K Quality Video in Capcut.