When the badass meets the playboy….love clashes 💓




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“ATTENTION EVERYONE!!!” Verna hit the two spoons together getting the whole students attention.

“I have an announcement to make” She said as the students kept quiet putting all their attention on her and the guy next to her.

“Uh!” Onda uhhed looking at them while Kim who wasn’t interested couldn’t help raising up her head.

“What are they doing?” She mutters looking at Jade and Verna holding hands.

“I’m delighted to tell you all that henceforth…jade here is mine” She announced while gasps erupts in the cafeteria.

“And when I mean mine…no one of you…should try convet him. If you have any plans of seducing him it’s better you dispose it else…you’ll have to answer to me. I’m dating jade and he’s dating me you all understand” Verna declared.

“Hey saying it like this make it look like I’m your property” Jade nudge her.

“I just want them all to know…you now belong to me. I don’t like sharing what’s mine you see. Got any problems with that?” She questioned while he shakes his head.

“I’m fine as long as you are. Don’t worry babe…I’m all yours” Jade winks while Verna smiles.

“I know that” She whispers hanging her arms around his neck.

“Wanna hang out at my place later?” Jade asked.

“Why not…it’ll be fun I bet”

“Don’t worry…I’m gonna make it hell fun” He whispers seductively while Verna smirk. Within a second they locked lips right there while the students started murmuring among themselves.

“My prince charming is gone…”

“Why Verna of all people…I don’t like her”

“I think she’s cool. She’s pretty think about it.”

“Yeah they made such a perfect couple”

“What if someone claims Jayden too…”

“No way Jayden is mine…”

“No he’s mine”

“Aww…they look so cute together”

Onda dropped her spoon carrying her tray of food.

“Where are you going?” Kim asked as she stood up.

“I…think I’m having indigestion…I’m gonna…leave first” She replied going away while Kim shakes her head.

“Jade that spoonhead…” She mutters.

Onda sat at the amphitheatre. She whimper as the scene earlier replayed in her head. Here she was thinking something has begun to build between her and Jade but seems it’s just all her fantasy.

“Crying won’t solve anything…it’ll only make you look pathetic” She heard a voice behind her and sprang up only to see Jayden standing with a smirk on his lips.

“Ja…jayden…?” She mumbles.

“You think crying in the corner like this would solve this? He doesn’t even know anything” He took a seat beside her.

“What…are you…saying?”

“Jade is a fool…he fails to see the good things in front of him and always go for the stupid ones…you shouldn’t be sitting around here sobbing. You should find a way to bring him back to his senses and make him realize…the real deal is right here…in front of him.”

“As if…” Onda scoffs.

“Are you just gonna watch that vixen take him away…just like that?”

“Then what am I supposed to do!”

“Confess to him! Stop hiding it and just tell him how you feel. You’re only hurting yourself keeping it within”

“I’ll only hurt myself more if I do that! Don’t you understand? I’m not as pretty as Verna. I’m not as sexy or hot as those girls he takes around. I’m just a homely nerd he takes pity on. I…don’t wanna hurt myself further. You won’t understand…since you only date girls for fun. You will never know what I’m feeling” she snapped standing up.

“Don’t you dare tell him anything…I’m not complaining” She added before walking away.

“Hey! I’m ain’t a tattletale! I was only tryna help her but…how dare she talks like that to me? A playboy has feelings too!!” He yelled after her.


A ball rolled towards Kimberly’s feet as she stepped inside the basketball court.

She looks at it for a moment before picking it up.

“Why did you call me here?” She quizzed while Diego walks closer to her.

“Why do you think? Our lessons start today” He replied simply.

“I never accep_” she couldn’t finished her statement when Diego snatch the ball from her.

“Try to take this from me within a minute then I’ll back off” He said bouncing the ball.

“Easy peasy” Kim smirk and aim for the ball.

Diego began dribbling the ball blocking every attempts of Kim trying to take it from him. Diego smirks as he saw her trying hard.

“Why that face?” She glared.

“A minute is over” He said and before Kim knew it he threw the ball in the net.

“I won” He smiles breathing heavily.

“Yeah good for you” she rolled her eyes.

“You knew I couldn’t get it from you from the onset” she added.

“Yeah and you did too. But you still went for it” Diego smiles at her.


“From now on you can’t push me away any longer. I’m gonna do anything I want with you”

“Yeah whatever…” She made an unconcerned face.

“Which also means…” He steps closer to her.

“Today is our day one…girlfriend” He smiles leaning closer.

“We shall see about that” Kimberly nudges him away walking out.

“See you later! Girlfriend!!” Diego shouted after her as she went out.

On getting outside, Kim couldn’t help the grinning. Playing hard to get is really not her thing. Left to her she would have jumped on him in excitement earlier but she just had to compose herself so as to keep her so called pride.

“I can’t believe this!” She slapped her reddened cheeks.


“You misses me already?” Jayden said arrogantly as he got to the rooftop.

“Jayden!!” Kim called in excitement running to him, she threw her arms around him in a tight hug.

“Hey hey! My neck is gonna fall off” He pulled her away.

“Why are you so gushy?” He asked while she chuckles.

“We are finally a thing” She beamed.


“Diego…we’re officially dating now”

“You…don’t mean that?”

“Of course I do…this is all thanks to you”

“But isn’t it too soon? I thought you were supposed to play hard to get for a while.”

“Who cares…what matters is that he likes me too”

“Did he say that?”

“Not yet but I felt it. Anyway I’m with him now thanks to you so…you can tell me if you want anything…I’ll gonna do it without a grutch”

“Really? You’re really gonna do anything I want?” He asked and she nodded.

A sly smirk displayed on Jayden’s lips.

“You said it…don’t change your word later.”

“You know I don’t go back on my word…let me know when you decide. I gotta go” She pats him and leaves.

“What the heck! Everyone is just getting hooked up…how boring” jay signs


Verna catwalk into the class while murmurs began.

“If you have anything to say…say it to my face and stop humming like a bee!” She said while the class kept quiet.

“Good” She smiles and looks towards Onda.

Their eyes met and Onda looks away immediately.

Kim walks in also.

“Move out of the way!” She nudges Verna walking to her seat while Verna scoffs.

“That rude goat”

Kim took her seat but then met a little present on her desk. She opens it and saw her favorite chocolate bar with a note on it.

“Wondering why your tempting lips tastes like” Was written on it.

She looks back to Diego who’s eyes was already on hers.

Diego lick his lips seductively while Kim couldn’t help chuckling. Verna noticed this and scoffs again.

“What’s going on between you two?” Onda asked the blushing Kim while she clears her throat.

“Nothing special” She replied while Onda eyed her suspiciously.

“But…are you okay? Earlier…” Kim asked while Onda gave her a sad smile.

“It’ll be okay” Kim pats her while she nods

Shortly after, the teacher enters the class and the lesson began.


“Guys I have a bad news and a good news to share with you. Which do you want first?” Mrs Enid the chemistry teacher announced.

“Bad news!!” The students chorus and she smiles.

“Okay…I’m delighted to inform you guys that I’ll be giving out the first project of the semester” She announced with a smile while the students began grumbling.

“Enough!! The good one is that…you are free to pair with any one you like and also you can work with class 1 since I’m giving you all the same project. The class monitor would tell you about it so submit your names and your partners by the end of the day. Remember you only have till the end of this week. So on that note I end my lesson for today see you again in our next lesson. Have fun” Mrs Enid smiles warmly leaving the class.

Immediately Kim’s phone buzzed.

“Partner…let’s start today. My house” It was a text from Diego. Kimberly looks at it and smiles but then remembers something her smile died down.

“You should better pair with Diego before someone else does” Onda said to her before she could talk.

“But what about you?”

“I…I just can_”

“You can join us also. The three of us can do”

“No…I shouldn’t meddle. I’ll only ruin your moment”

“I don’t need your opinion on that. Three of us. No argument” Kim declared.

“Onda is coming with me…or I’m out” She sent the text to Diego.

“Sure…she’s highly welcomed” Diego texted back while Kim smiles.

“It’s been sorted out…I’ll text you the time and address later” Kim said to Onda who only sighs.

“By the way…have you choosen a club to join?” Kim asked


“Really? Which one? Broadcasting? Photography?”


“What? Dancing??”


“Onda…I didn’t knew you could dance…really?” Kim said in amazement while she only sighs.

“Apart from reading…that’s the only thing I’m good at”

“Really…wow…that’s new. But will you be okay? Verna is in the club too”

“I’m not going there because of her…I’ll do just fine don’t worry”


“What about you? Do you have one in mind?”

“Do you have to ask?”

“Basketball?” Onda asked while she smiles.

“You’re lucky…you get to be with your boyfriend at all time”

“Come on stop it…it’s not because of him. I just wanna try out the cheerleading thing that’s all. Let’s go audition together tomorrow okay?”

“Sure” Onda smiles.


Kim wouldn’t stop chuckling as she types on her phone.

Jayden on the other hand just lay on the bed staring into space.

“Am I irrelevant now that you got a boyfriend?” He asked with a plain tone.

“You’re always irrelevant don’t you know?” Kim replied.

“You don’t mean that?”

“I honestly thought you knew” She shrugged not taking her eyes off her phone.

“I shouldn’t have done anything! Hey you can’t do this to me! I’m human too!”

“I never once complained when you ditched me for your flings. Leave me alone you’re disrupting my moment with Diego”

“Wow…you’re unbelievable! I’m leaving! I don’t wanna be here also!” He stood from the bed.

“The project…”

“I’m doing it with Diego…find someone else” Kim interrupted him.

“I wasn’t gonna ask you! I have someone to do it with also”

“Sure…good luck!”

“Mean brat” Jayden spat before snatching the phone from her.

“HEY!!!” she snapped at him.

“Come get it…” He stuck his tongue out at her before running out of the room.

“JAYDEN! GET BACK HERE!!!” She howled running after him.


“Hey dude!” Jade threw his arms around Jayden’s as he got into the class.

“Who are you?” Jayden opted plainly with a mouthful of banana.

“Who do you think? You best buddy” Jade grins.

“You mean the one who dumped his friend for a chick”

“Hey dude…I never dumped you”

“Your taste is really lame…you call her a girlfriend?”

“Why? You don’t like her?”

“You think I do?”

“Why? She’s okay. Sexy and fit”

“Do you really like her?”

“I won’t be with her if I don’t”

“What exactly do you like in her?”

“Hmmm…let’s see. Feisty and hot She’s doesn’t give in like other girls…it’s makes me crave for her”

“So you made her your girlfriend based on that?”

“Come on dude…don’t be sulky it’s only for a short while. When I’m tired you know too…I’ll cut her off the list.”

“Whatever…do whatever you deem fit”

“Hey! I heard we’re expecting a new chick!”

“Have you seen her?”

“Not yet. if she’s a hot one then I’ll be the first to screw her”

“Back off…you have a girlfriend”

“Having a girlfriend doesn’t mean I shouldn’t catch fun. But are you okay? I heard Kim dumped you for that basketball guy”

“Says who?”

“Says me. Poor you I heard she’ll be joining the basketball team…she’s slowly slipping away from you. That’s why I told you to upgrade your friendship but you’re just too old fashioned” Jade shakes his head.

“Shut it!”

“Why? You whine like a baby everytime you’re with her…you completely turn to a woman. Oh am I missing something? Are you a mama’s boy….kimmy’s boy”

“Come here prick…I’ve got to teach you some manners” Jayden started chasing jade around the class while jade climb tables trying to run away from him.

“Attention everyone! Jayden Henshaw is a mama’s boyyyyy” Jade shouted running towards the front.

“That…lout!” Jayden threw the banana peels in his hands towards him but instead of hitting jade it met with a girl who was coming in with the teacher right on the face.

The class arouse in laughter immediately.

“Jade….Jayden! SETTLE DOWN!” Miss Ina grits.

Everywhere went silent and all eyes glued on the girl whose face is stuffed with banana peel.

The girl clench her teeth removing the banana peel. She held onto it tightly and false out a smile.

“Agnes Winner she’s gonna be joining you from today. Agnes over to you” Miss Ina said and Agnes stepped forward with a smile.

“Namaste everyone…I’m Agnes winner. Nothing special about me except my teeth” She grins showing off her rabbit teeth while the students laughs.

“I like making new friends and I hope we can all be friends also…” She continues talking while Jade and Jayden was busy examining her from head to toe.

“Small boobs” Jade whispers.

“Curvy ass” Jayden whispers back.

“milky skin”

“Short legs”

“Tiny lips”

“Innocent face”



“Rabbit teeth”

“That makes her cute”

“She’ll be a killer on bed”

“I’ll get her within three days”

“She looks tough…one week”

“Don’t go ahead yourself she’s mine”

“Let’s see who gets her first”

“If she’s says yes to me first you’ll ask miss Ina out in front of everybody”

“If she says yes to me before you…you’ll hook me up with Verna”

“I thought you didn’t like her”

“I like what’s beneath her legs not her”

“Okay deal”

“Deal” They shakes hands nodding their heads.

“Agnes you can go take your seat at the back”

“Thanks teacher” Agnes smiles sweetly going to the back. Jade and Jayden’s eyes followed her as she did.

Jayden winks while Jade blew a kiss.

Agnes only huffed flaunting her hair as she took her seat.


Jayden opens his locker and an envelope dropped to his feet. He bent and picked it up. His face lightens up on seeing the label A on it.

“It’s here” He grins unwrapping it to read what’s inside.

“Hey Jay…what’s your secret. You brightens everyday lightening up my world with it. Your smiles heals most of my worries that I crave for it everytime. I love you Jayden but I’ll love you more if you could stay away from her.she isn’t worth to be with you…you’ll only get hurt if you continue staying by her side. I’m the only one who can tell you the truth. Bye for now…and keep smiling…cause that’s means a lot to me. From A ” He read the letter and squeezed his face.

“Why should i stay away from her? She’s my best friend whom l love so much” He dropped the letter taking the lollipop that came with it. He was about inserting it in his mouth when a hand suddenly snatch it from him.

“What the_” He couldn’t complete his statement when a banana peel was stuffed to his face.

“That suits you better” Agnes smirk taking her leave while he removed the banana peel from his face angrily.

“HEY!!” He shouted after her while Agnes only raised up her middle finger at him.

“Is she crazy?!” Jayden asked no one in particular.


“Next!” Sheila one of the panels calls and Onda came forward.

“Hello I’m Onda contestant no 18 ” Onda said while Verna scoffs.

“Who do we have here? Isn’t this the nerd of class two. Come on girl buzz off we don’t have books to spare” Verna smirk making the students there laugh.

“I’m only here to dance” Onda said.

“Are you kidding me? Dance? you? Will you get lost we ain’t in need of a duck” Verna mocked again.

“Calm down Verna…let’s give her a chance and see what she can do first” Sheila said while Verna huffs

“Show off your skills girl” Sheila smiles while Onda nodded and played the music from her phone. Everyone watch with rapt attention as she twist her body to the rhythm of the music.

She was so good at it that the students jaws dropped on watching her including that of Verna’s.

A minute later she stopped breathing heavily as eyes glued on her.

“Wow is that really the nerd from class 2”

“Yeah I know her…she’s Onda I thought she only spent most of her time in the library”

“Wow…she’s so good. Her legs are a killer”

“Her face is still disgraceful though…can we really have an ugly duckling like her in the club”

“I’m sure Verna won’t allow that”

“She’s so good….of course she’ll be accepted”

“So How was my moves?”

“Near perfection! You’re good Onda…we’d love to have you in the club” Sheila replied with a smile

“Really?” Onda beamed.

“Verna what do you think?” Sheila asked the silent Verna who glares at Onda.

“Of course…you really caught me off guard with your moves. Welcome to the dance club Onda. I hope you put in your best and do more than this” Verna smiles at her.

“Of course I will…thank you so much…thank you” She grins taking her phone while Verna clench her fists on the table.


Onda wouldn’t stop beaming as she walks by the hall.

“That little witch…” Verna grits behind her as she watch her hops in excitement descending the stairs.

Onda phone started ringing and she picked it up. An idea struck Verna and she smirks evily to herself.

“You wanna dance…go ahead. Dance all you want” she thought evily putting her hand forward. In the next second Onda was already reaching for the floor while Verna sneer evily to herself but that was short lived as a hand got hold on Onda midway saving her.

They both went down with Onda on top and as if that wasn’t enough their lips came crashing unto each other.

Onda eyes grew big but Verna’s grew bigger on seeing who it is.