When the badass meets the playboy….love clashes 💓





“Babe what’s wrong?” Verna asked Jade who was no longer responding to her touch. She noticed he was staring at a particular place and trace her eyes there only to see Agnes together with a girl chatting with some people laughing.

“It’s that b*tch.” She said referring to Agnes.

“But who’s that beside her…never seen her before?”

“That’s Onda” jade replied her while she almost burst out laughing.

“Are you daydreaming? What the he_”

“It’s her…f**k she looks so different in that. Guess you can never underestimate people after all” Jade said licking his lips while Verna took a proper look at Onda.

She gasped when she discovered its really her.

“Oh my God! What happened to her?”

“What do you mean what happened? She only become prettier” Jade smirk.

“Prettier? ” Verna scoffs.

“She was never pretty” She added while Jade just continue staring.

“If you keep looking I’m gonna get mad”

“You don’t own my eyes…I look whoever I want”

“You’re drooling Jade! For that ugly thing!”

“It wouldn’t be bad to”


“Come on Verna…I’m a guy…it’s normal for me to appreciate beauty.”

“Not that you’re planning to f**k her?” She asked while he chuckles.

“Don’t be a jealous beauty uh” He pinch her cheek.

“If you don’t want me to be then…don’t look at her…play with me instead”

“It’s kinda getting boring now”


“Verna…how about you go get some drinks…you look tired”

“F**k you Jade!” Verna stood away from him angrily.

“Have fun too Verna!” Jade waves at her as she stomp away.

Verna got to where Agnes and Onda was.

She gave them a death glare before stomping away in anger.

Jade rest his back on the sofa watching Onda along side with Agnes. He smiles to himself.

Whistling, Jayden finds his way to them putting his arms over their shoulders.

“Who are these la hot babes?” He winks at them. Agnes rolled her eyes taking his hand away while Onda just smile back at him.

“Wanna dance with me?” He smiles looking at them one after the other.

“You follow me” Agnes glared taking him by the shirt away from there. Onda sighs looking around awkwardly. She finds her way to the kitchen which many people are not exactly in. Jade smiles to himself before standing up and heading there also.

On getting there, Onda releases a huge sigh.

“Not getting along with the party?” She heard a whisper behind her and turns back swifty to look at who it was. She gasped to see Jade looking down to her he was so close that she had to step back almost missing her step. He was quick to held her waist.

“Hey…easy there” He smiles cutely.

“Ja…Jade…” She mutters.

“Hey there…Onda” He mutters back.

Onda couldn’t say anything but just bash her lashes at him with her heart thumping crazily in its ribs.

“You look different tonight” He said again.

“Oh…I…” She instinctively tug some little hair behind her ear.

“You look beautiful” He said again making her cheeks go red. She releases an awkward smile.

“Want a drink?” He asked and she nodded almost immediately. Jade moves away from her to pour them a drink.

“Here” He extends a glass of alcohol to her. Immediately she collect it from him chugging it down her throat.

“Easy there…go slow will you? Another glass?” He asked and she nodded. He pours her another glass of she chugged it down her throat in a go then drop the glass gulping silently. She looks at him who wouldn’t stop smiling down at her. A wide grin resurface on her lips. She was already feeling tipsy. She smiles coyly and started walking to the dance floor without facing her front.

“Hey…what are you doing?” Jade asked following her.

She only smiles extending her hands to him.

“You’re gonna fa_”Jade couldn’t finish his statement when she stumbled but luckily he was quick to catch her by the waist. Their chests slammed and their eyes met.

“You okay?” He asked

“Um…okay…i guess…” She mumbles.

“Wanna dance with me?” He asked and she grins.

“Come on” They find their way to the dance floor and almost immediately, she started shaking her body to the beats of the music surprising Jade who haven’t seen her act so freely like that before.


“Another shot?” Diego asked Kim while she nodded.

“You sure? You seems to be getting buzzed already?” He said.

“Come on…I can handle it” She smiles while Diego nodded. He uncapped another bottle of alcohol and give it to her. Kim chugged it down her throat through the bottle itself.

“Argh! Bitter” She said while Diego chuckles.

“I really think it’s better you stop now” He collect the drink from her while she pouted.

“I’ll get you some water instead” He said and she nodded.

“Wait here…” Diego said leaving.


“You really look beautiful tonight” Jayden smiles down at Agnes as they dance. Agnes seems uninterested in the dance as her eyes just stayed glued to Onda and Jade dancing.

“Tell me the truth…do you feel a f*” king thing for Jade?” He asked and she brought her face to him immediately.

“You nuts?” She glared.

“You wouldn’t take your eyes away”

“Not that goof”

“Then…the one he’s dancing with?” Jayden asked while she hesitated.

“No way…” She looks away.

Jayden smiles to himself.

“I think I’ve gotten it now…while you insisted…on bringing her here to the party”

“Why don’t you shut it already?”

Jayden was about saying something but then his phone buzzed. He took it out and check it. It was a message from Kimberly.

💬”I think I’m boozy hehehe” 💬 it was typed in a sloppy manner.

“Sh*t!” Jayden leaves Agnes on the dance floor immediately in search of Kim.

Onda’s hair flew about as she moves to the flow of the music. She twirls around moving and shaking her body to the rhythm of the music.

“You okay?” Jade asked as she keep giggling nonstop.

“What did you say?” She asked loudly still dancing.

“I said you okay??”

“Uh?!” She asked missing her steps. Jade held her firm by the waist. He pulled her closer to him while her hands landed on his chest.

“I asked if you are okay?” He asked so close to her now. There lips almost touching. Onda nodded slowly looking at him. Jade smiles with the corner of his lips holding her face.

“Tonight…you look so beautiful” He whispers to her face while she blinks.

“Jade…” She mutters while he leans closer closing the gap between their lips. Her senses probably flew away instantly as her heartbeat palpitate crazily in her chest. She flew her eyes shut throwing her arms around his shoulders.

The kiss lasted for almost a minute before they unlock to catch their breathes. Jade looks at her but then creased his brows. Slowly, he brought his hand down from her face.

“Onda…” He mutters. Onda made to pull him in for another kiss but he shifted back surprising her. She looks at him to find him looking strangely at her.

“You…your face” He said to her while her brows knitted. She brought her hand to her face touching it that’s when her eyes caught the tiny brownish spots on her hand.

“Oh no!” She shrieked holding her face which was now all over it. Jade keep looking at her with a baffle look on while she swiftly turns away running out of the dance room.

“Onda wait!” He tries running after her but she was fast that he lost her.

“What the_” He ran his hand through his hair.


Jayden keep looking crazily for Kim but wouldn’t find her. He has search literally everywhere. The backyard, the garden, the toilets and every corner of the house filled with people. Now he’s currently searching the rooms one after the other.

Onda ran past him and ran into a certain room.

“Onda?” He mutters. Just then Agnes also ran towards him also.

“Hey you’ve seen_”

“In there” Jayden pointed to the room she ran into and Agnes made to run there but Jayden stops her.

“Have you seen Kim perhaps?” He asked.

“I don’t care about her!” Agnes growl running to the room. She tries opening it but it was locked from within. She banged on it.

“Onda! Onda open this damn door!!” She kept banging.

“What happened? She has something all over her face” Jayden asked behind her.

“Sh*t!” Agnes spat running out of there.


Bumping into almost everything they came across, Kim wouldn’t stop giggling as Diego teases her. She held his face and slammed her lips on his already swollen lips as the result of kissing. Diego lifted her up while she wrapped her legs around his torso. His hands explores her thighs while hers dig into his hair as they kiss wildly and fiercely. Once in a while they’ll unlock to catch their breath before connecting their lips again.

“F**k!” Kim moans as he places soft kisses all over her neck. His hands careless her b**bs while hers did the job of unbottoning his shirt buttons.

“Ohh…Diego please…” She moans throwing her head back and giggling at the same time as he dips his hand underneath her dress rubbing on her p**sy.

“You’re so damn wet Kim” Diego groans to her neck while she chuckles. The door suddenly burst open and Jayden rushed in. On seeing them both he almost went bonkers.

“KIM!” He rushed to them pushing Diego aside.

“Hey man what you doin!” Diego asked obviously pissed. Instead of answering, Jayden gave him a punch which sends him to the floor. He went to the sottish Kim carrying her in his arms.

“It’s Jayden…you got here fast…” Kim chuckles as he carried her.

“Shut it” Jay seethed and she flaps her lips as he takes her out of the room.

Diego ran after him.

“I…didn’t forced her” He breathes out.

“But she’s f**king drunk!” Jayden barked at him before leaving.


Agnes got the extra keys and got inside the room only to see Onda on the floor.

“Onda…” She called slowly on stepping in. Onda looks at her with wet faces while Agnes gasped on beholding her appearance.

“Leave Agnes…please” She mutters.

“Oh my gosh! What happened?” Agnes asked taking a seat beside her on the floor she was.

“He saw everything…he saw me at my worst” She weeps.

“What happened to you?” Agnes asked worried.

“I’m apparently allergic to kiwi but I had an alcohol that had it in it earlier”

“Well f**k you should have been careful”

“I know…but I was just too excited to even think about it. Now I messed up everything…he must hate my guts a lot now” She cries while Agnes pulled her into her arms.

“You’ll be okay…it’ll be fine”

“I finally thought…things would go well but…he just had to see this…” She pulled out facing Agnes.

“Tell me the truth Agnes…I look horrible don’t I?”


“Please just…tell me…let me know please…”

Agnes sighs putting one of her palms on her face.

“You really wanna know?” She asked and Onda nodded.

Instead of answering, Agnes leans closer and captured her lips in hers. Onda’s eyes widened. She pushes her away instantly.

“What are you doing Agnes?” She questioned closely.

“What does it looks like?” She whisper asked while Onda lashes just battled. Agnes got hold of her face completely now taking in her lips. Without giving Onda a chance to resist, she slides her tongue into her mouth taking complete dominion over the kiss. Jade’s image of him kissing her appears in Onda’s mind and she finds herself closing her eyes responding to the kiss. Seeing this, Agnes took it as her chance and kisses her more pulling her more close but Onda suddenly backed out of the kiss.

“I…I can’t do this…” She mutters running out of the room.

“ONDA!!” Agnes called after her sweeping up her hair in frustration.


Kim sprawled on the bed snoring loudly. What happened the other night replayed in her dream and she wouldn’t stop chuckling.

Her door went wide open and Jayden steps in.

“Can’t believe she’s still not up” He shakes his head taking the duvet off her. Kim groans.

“Get up now! It’s past f**king nine! We’re gonna be late!” He yelled at her ears while her eyes snapped wide open.

“School! Sh*t! Mom’s gonna kill me” She leaped up from the bed and dashed into the bathroom.

“It’s the weekend dummy!” Jayden shouted after her.


“HEY! WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME!!” Kim shouted from behind Jayden on the racing motorcycle.



“SHUT UP ALREADY WE’RE ALMOST THERE!!” Jayden increased the speed while Kim held more unto him.



“Today is the lease of a very important game”

“So?…you can just order it”

“I already pre ordered it but they give out the soundtrack only if you come in person”


“And that’s really really rare” Jay said while Kim gave him a suspicious look.

“You said you’re gonna grant a wish of mine right?”

“Hey…don’t even go there. Not today I have a date” She turns but Jayden held her back.

“I promise it won’t be long…you just have to get the soundtrack and go on your date.”

“You can just do this your own…request another thing today won’t work”

“No! I have to go fishing with Dad. Kim I’m trusting you on this” He hugs her while Kim sighs.

“Then I’ll see you later” He smiles and pat her before dashing away.

“Hey!” Kim called and sighs.


Diego has already arrived at the park where they’re supposed to meet but Kim hasn’t showed up now for almost two hours. He kept waiting thinking he was too early. He looks at the bouquet of flower in his hand and smiles.

This time it wasn’t Rose but chrysanthemum her real favorite flower. He couldn’t just wait to meet her. He had been looking forward to this day. Their first date.



“Yeah! Smash that thing boy!”

“F**k!” Jayden dropped the PS while Hayden jumped to Jubilating.

“I won!”

“Let’s go for one more round. Just one more” Jayden pleads.

“Mom is back! She’s downstairs” Melody announced from the door while both sprang up immediately.

“F**k!” They immediately turned off the TV hiding the PS. Hayden ran out of the room while Jayden quickly lay on the bed.

“That was a lie” Melody stuck her tongue out on Jayden before leaving his room.

“Hey! That little!” Jayden grits sitting up.

The phone started ringing and he picked it up.

“Finally you picked up” A male voice came at the other end. Jayden checked the caller ID and smirks. ‘Boyfriend’ boldly written on it.

“Why are you calling so much?” Jay creased his brows.

“Jay…is that you? Why are you answering her phone? Where’s Kim?” Diego’s voice came at the other end.

“With me of course where else?” He ends the call and switched off the phone. He had actually sneak away Kim’s phone from her earlier.

“I wonder how she’s holding up…it’s been a while” Jay grins lying on the bed.


“I’m tired…cold and hungry…Jayden just wait till I lay my hands from you. This time…I’ll really kill you for real!” Kim seethed where she’s queued waiting for hours for the so called soundtrack.


Diego got back home angrily. He went straight to the fridge and got a bottle of water draining it down his throat. He fists his palm anytime he remembers what Jay actually told him.

“That motherf*ker!” He grits his teeth going to his room. The house was awfully quiet and no sighs of Verna around. Wondering where she could be, he went to her room to find it opened. He stepped in just to find everywhere messy and disorganized. Some things were also broken on the floor.

“Sh*t” He facepalmed.

“Verna!” He started looking for her.

He phoned her and turns out her phone is in her room which probably means she’s home.

“Verna! Verna!!” He kept looking everywhere for her till he got outside to the swimming pool.

“Sh*t Verna!!” He shrieked when he spot her unmoving in the water.

Immediately, he dived in holding her.

“Verna!!” He raises her up. that’s when he met with her grinning face.

“Boo!” She booed.

“Hello there brother” She grins.

“What the f**k! You tricked me!” He frowns getting out of the water.

“You scared me Verna!” He said clearly pissed off going back inside the house.

“Oh f**k me” Verna got out of the water also.

Diego got to his room and slammed the door shut. He pulled off his wet top and just then Verna stepped in.

“Go out Verna…I don’t wanna talk to you” He said without looking at her.

“I’m sorry brother…was just playing around” She pouted holding his arms. He turns to her.

“You call that playing around? I was scared thinking something f**king happened!”

“Nothing happened. As you can see I’m fine” She shows him herself and that’s when he realize her wet singlet which was sticks to her body giving out her pointed nipples also.

“Go changed…we’ll talk after that” He said taking his eyes away. Verna checked herself and smiles knowingly.

“You’re right? I’m f**king wet” She bit her lower lip stepping closer to him.

“But brother…did you have a bad day? You look worried” She asked tracing her hand on his bare chest. Diego held her hand on his chest.

“It’s nothing…”

“Oh, come on brother…tell me. I could always make you feel better” She said seductively putting her arms around his neck slowly. Her chest contacted his.

“Did you got stood up? You look quite happy when leaving this morning”

“I’m…okay” He pulled her away from her.

“You should go…we’ll talk after…you changed” He said leaving her but Verna was quick to pull him back pushing him to the bed. Before he could say jerk, she got on him sitting astride on his torso.

“Don’t try to push me away…I’m here to listen to you…” She whispers to his ear.